Rock has been referred to as ‘Britain’s Saint-Tropez’ The village of Rock is located across the estuary from the fishing port of Padstow. For somewhere so sandy Rock might not seem like the most appropriate name. However, it comes from the local quarry where the rocks were used as ballast by sailing ships which had unloaded their cargo across the river. The quarry is now a car park.


The affluent and upper-class holiday-makers, including the forth in the line of succession to the British Throne, Prince Harry and what the Daily Telegraph calls ‘Hoorays’. Popular names such as have made use of the nearby helipad. It is now home to .


A village shop stocked with a superb selection of fine wines and cheeses and some fancy boutiques and upscale restaurants gives a clue to the popularity of the place with wealthy city types and other well to do posh folk, including certain members of the Royal family, David Cameron, Hugh Grant and Jemima Khan, the Rothschilds, the Sainsburys, the Freuds, the Al Fayeds,and Harry Enfield, Jay Kay of Jamiroquai have also holidayed here.


Out of season a calm descends and you can appreciate the villages assets, not least its beautiful beach which stretches along the side of the Camel all the way around to Daymer Bay at low tide. The mile long fine sand beach is fringed with dunes and the water is unusually calm and clear – whatever anybody may tell you there is no surf in Rock!


The sheltered waters of Rock is a haven for water based leisure pursuits including angling, fishing trips, windsurfing, canoeing, rowing and water skiing, although the village is best known for its sailing. The sailing club is located on the waterfront and the waters in front are full of watercraft ranging from dinghies to yachts to luxury cruisers.


There is a regular foot ferry across to Padstow during daylight hours, the Black Tor, a major source of tourist traffic to Rock. There is also a water taxi available, for those staying out late.

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